Craft & Technical Training


Our Training Philosophy

We believe that nearly everyone wants to be recognized as a contributing member of their organization.

Our experience has found most people want to do good work and be recognized and rewarded for their efforts.


We believe people often perform poorly because of conditions beyond their control.

These conditions may include lack of knowledge or training, poor or incomplete work instructions, lack of proper tools or supplies and unreasonable expectations or time constraints.


Poor performance, in itself, demoralizes many people. Lack of self satisfaction in the workplace has been identified as a root cause of some employees becoming frustrated with themselves and displaying anger toward supervisors and employers.


In order to develop world class performance in any group, the members must share a common vision of a desired outcome. Then, they must believe it is possible "to get there from here." Most people will be willing to "pick up the pace" and work toward a goal when they are confident the company has a viable plan and is willing to provide the time, training and tools to make it happen.


But first, the group must be convinced you have a workable plan. Not just buzz words, not just catchy phrases, not just another "campaign."  Experienced workers have seen scores of these quick fix gimmicks come and go with no lasting results.


Seasoned craftsmen are more likely to embrace a whole new "process" that sounds like it just might work. A new way of looking at things, a new approach to problem solving, a new way of doing business.


“Continuous Improvement" is that "new process" that has worked for us. It is a process we learned from the world-famous maintenance management consultant, Christer Idhammer.

"Continuous Improvement" is a complete cycle of evaluating what you are doing, finding ways to do it better, implementing those new ways - then starting the cycle over with another evaluation.

We have been successful using the continuous improvement model for defining training needs and then developing everything from individual short-courses to full blown apprenticeship programs. We have trained both union & nonunion craftsmen and served as mentors for craftsmen, engineers and managers.

A study conducted by The American Society for Training and Development found that training alone increased productivity by 24 percent. When combined with coaching and mentoring, productivity was increased by up to 88 percent!

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